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Chapter 574: Meeting The Lost Mythical Island Again

This was the same island that had appeared out at sea that had many people wanting to explore it.

The lost mythical island was still shrouded in mist, but it was a lot thinner than what it had been initially.

It was as if the mist would completely dissipate after just a bit longer.

“The lost mythical island.” Li Qiye murmured as he looked at it.

Lan Yunzhu also gazed at the landmass then back at Li Qiye, who was standing next to her, and asked: “This is your other goal for coming to this place, right”

Back at the Thousand Islands, she had followed him and saw what he did before leaving later on.

Although she didn’t see the island appear outside with her own eyes, she guessed that it didn’t appear for no reason and must have something to do with Li Qiye.

After its disappearance, he immediately went to the Prime Ominous Grave, so she knew that he specifically came here for it.

“Yes! I need this island.” Li Qiye said and nodded.

He stared at the mist shrouding the island and continued: “It seems like the mist will dissipate before the grave closes.

This means I will need to take a trip there.”

Lan Yunzhu found it strange that he placed such emphasis on this island, so she inquired: “What does the island have True Immortal Medicine Invincible treasures Supreme scriptures Or a mythical beast”

There had been many legends surrounding the island.

Some swore that they saw a golden dragon soaring in the sky alongside divine phoenixes.

The scene was very real and was not merely illusions.

Because of this, people speculated that the island might be the lost residence of divine beasts like dragons and phoenixes.

“All incorrect.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes in response: “If there is one thing on the island, then it is a terrifying and extremely frightening existence.”

“Just how terrifying” Lan Yunzhu was alarmed after seeing Li Qiye’s expression.

“To an indescribable extent.

It is a bringer of destruction and killer of gods and immortals! It is not a weapon but is far more potent than one.”

Lan Yunzhu’s heart thumped rapidly.

What kind of existence was worthy of this description Could there really be a thing capable of slaying gods and immortals in this world

“Okay, girl, you cannot spend forever to send your husband off.” Li Qiye told Lan Yunzhu: “Here is far enough, I will enter now.

Time will run out if you are too late; it will be all for naught if the grave closes.” 1

Lan Yunzhu looked at him and wanted to say something as her lips slightly parted.

There were numerous words she wanted to say, but she didn’t know where to start.

She suddenly hugged his neck and gave him a kiss, an innocent yet courageous kiss with complete decisiveness.

Li Qiye raised her chin and kissed her sweet lips in return, tasting her delicate tongue.

The two passionately adored each other before separating a long time later.

She pushed him off while being a bit out of breath.

While glaring at him with moist eyes, she said: “I’ll wait for your return, don’t die in there!”

Li Qiye smiled and gently caressed her cheek: “Don’t worry, even the king of hell wouldn’t be able to take my life.” With that, he turned around to leave.

Lan Yunzhu continued to stare at his departing figure and took a deep breath.

The only thing she could do was to pray for his safe return.

Li Qiye went down from the high peak towards the basin to enter the cemetery.

At this moment, he was not the only one since many people wanted to enter.

Some were there to watch the fun and to see the legendary cemetery while others wanted to try the path of life.

There were also those who heard about the island appearing on top of it, so they especially came here to take a look.

The great powers at the southern Distant Cloud were among the first to find the lost island.

Great powers had fallen because of the island ever since they saw those divine beasts.

These great powers truly believed in the speculations that the island contained mythical beasts.

Therefore, after hearing the news, they immediately ran here and wanted to climb on top to see these divine beasts.

If they could grab an egg of one of these beasts, then they would become rich overnight.

However, their plans were useless since an extremely powerful lineage was guarding the cemetery.

It didn’t allow anyone to climb up the lost mythical island.

This lineage was the Ancestral City who had the aid of the Yin Yang Gate.

It was not strange for these two to travel together because Chan Yang, the Yin Yang Master’s son, was the inheritor of the Ancestral Realm.

The great powers were quite annoyed, but none of them dared to speak out at the Ancestral City.

Just what was the Ancestral City It was the lineage directly below the Ancestral Realm that presided over the Sacred Nether World.

They represented the Ancestral Realm and would send out their will.

One had to know that the Ancestral Realm was an apex existence above any race or lineage in the Sacred Nether World.

An existence like the Myriad Bones Throne wouldn’t be afraid of the Ancestral City, but it would still be wary of the Ancestral Realm.

A rumor stated that there were many ancestors of the ghost race inside the Ancestral City, and ghost deities were common at the Ancestral Realm.

Outsiders thought that the Ancestral Realm was a place for the ghost gods.

Just how frightening and powerful must this place be Because of this, no one or lineage in the Sacred Nether World was exempt from being afraid of the Ancestral Realm.

Guarding the entrance to the Heavenly Cemetery made the Ancestral City’s aim very clear — they came for the lost island.

Not long after the opening of the Prime Ominous Grave, a big shot from the Ancestral City led many experts inside.

Such a thing rarely happened.

The grave had been opened many times before, but people from the Ancestral City rarely cared for it.

This time, however, was the exception.

The city led its troops inside not for any treasures or legendary creations, but for the lost island.

Speculations rose from the Ancestral City wanting to monopolize the lost island.

Some thought that the island could be a lair of mythical beasts in the immortal world that fell down to the mortal realm.

Up there were their nests and perhaps even some eggs.

This type of speculation made some sense due to the prior images of dragons and phoenixes that were witnessed by multiple people.

Li Qiye’s appearance also attracted many cultivators from all the races who were here for the fun.

It was hard for him not to garner so much attention.

Recently, he had been very famous, especially after defeating Di Zuo and becoming the number one of the younger generation.

“Li Qiye is here!” The crowd exclaimed, but those that were the most alarmed were the ghost cultivators.

If it was before, then someone would be saying: “That brute, Li Qiye, is here.” But ever since his victory over Di Zuo, no one dared to call him a brute anymore.

Even the ghost race who really hated him didn’t dare to address him in such a manner.

In a short amount of time, all eyes were on him.

Both young and old were looking at him with a sense of apprehension.

Everyone knew about his last battle and how he used his heaven-defying momentum to defeat Di Zuo.

This instilled fear within everyone.

While looking at him, they suddenly remembered that he had twelve palaces.

Twelve palaces! Anyone, even the most brilliant genius, would shiver with despair after recalling his twelve palaces.

To the younger generation, there was no chance of surpassing Li Qiye in this era.

If it was before, then the ghost cultivators would be unhappy with him entering and would start snickering and sneering.

Their mouths would feel quite itchy without throwing an insult or two at him.

But now, even the most dissatisfied ghost had to shut their mouth and not dare to utter a single word.

This was the reality of the cultivation world — a cruel world.

As long as one was powerful enough, they could deny all others from even letting out a fart!

One person came from the camp of the Ancestral City with many experts right behind him.

Many were quite wary of this newcomer as they uttered: “The Yin Yang Master.”

Even the ghost cultivators were alarmed.

Everyone instinctively took a step back to make a path for the master.

He was quite powerful and was once an amazing Heavenly King that was worthy of awe.

Moreover, he was also the sect master of an emperor’s lineage.

But now, even the ghost kings on the same level as him were somewhat afraid of him.

The reason was very simple; he had an amazing son, Chan Yang, the Ancestral Realm’s descendant.

The Ancestral City invited the Yin Yang Master as a guest advisor since Chan Yang was the Ancestral Realm’s descendant and would be the future ruler of the Ancestral City.

The experts that followed the Yin Yang Master came before Li Qiye with apparently unfriendly intentions.

“Li Qiye, we meet again.” Others might be afraid of Li Qiye, but the master didn’t put him in his eyes and addressed him informally.

The master had such qualifications; who was to blame for his son being the future master of the Ancestral Realm

“And” Li Qiye replied as he nonchalantly gave the master a glance.

His attitude was met with a snort from the master.

Even people from the Ancestral City had to respect him, so what’s more to say about a little brat like Li Qiye

“Still the same words.” The Yin Yang Master arrogantly smiled and coldly spoke: “If you are smart, then hand over the key.

The ancestors of the city will make note of your contribution.”


This particular phrase was a bit difficult and it has dual meanings as well.

It can be sending a ruler/lord off to a battle in the form of a ceremony, or it can be a wife sending her husband away as well.

I believe husband is what Li Qiye is trying to say here, but just keep in mind that the particular word can be ruler or husband. 


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