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Chapter 4626: Easy

The most frightening thing about this exchange was how easy Li Qiye made it.

He didn’t resort to using a dao lord merit law or another top technique.

This felt like a gentle push at best.

It would be difficult to describe this event to anyone who wasn’t here.

A brilliant genius from True Immortal got sent flying after the first exchange No one else in the crowd could have done the same thing.

“There is no way that push was strong enough to do so.” One expert said.

An ancient ancestor could have made it look effortlessly like that.

However, Li Qiye didn’t have the appearance of one, lacking divinity and an oppressive aura.

“Boom!” Debris went flying and a figure leaped back into the air.

It was none other than True Immortal Spirit who still looked rather imposing and radiant.

Of course, there were injuries and blood too.

The attack left its mark, just nothing fatal.

“You cheated!” The genius glared at Li Qiye.

He shared the same sentiment as the rest of the crowd - disbelief.

How could he be pushed down like a mortal Only their monarchs could do something like that to him; even his master wasn’t strong enough.

He had met the monarchs before but Li Qiye didn’t have the bearings and aura of one.

Therefore, it must have been trickery.

“Just accept defeat gracefully.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The genius turned red and embarrassment seemed to be turning into anger.

He uttered coldly: “You have a hidden treasure that nullified my cultivation.”

He thought that this was rather likely - Li Qiye winning with the help of a hidden treasure.

“What kind of treasure is this” The crowd agreed with the genius and began speculating about the treasure.

Some fantasized about its wondrous ability.

It might make them unbeatable.

“Insufficient strength yet a vivid imagination.” Li Qiye said: “Leave already, don’t embarrass yourself any further.”

The genius’ patience was growing thin after being insulted several times.

He glared at Li Qiye and said: “So be it, get ready.

Let’s see if you’re strong or just relying on a treasure.”

He slowly raised both hands and it felt as if the earth was being lifted up.

His hands pulsed with starry lights during the process.

“Rumble!” Loud quakes could be heard.

Everyone felt tense since his hands became all-encompassing.

“Ugh…” They felt suffocated as if his hands were gripping their neck.

This naturally horrified them.

“What is this technique!” A pale spectator screamed.

Weaker cultivators felt helpless before the channeling even though the target was only Li Qiye.

They found themselves to be fish on a chopping board.

“Raise the worlds, grasp the heavens!” The genius roared and then reached for Li Qiye.

“Crack!” Buildings nearby shattered with haste along with a mountain from the shockwaves alone.

Everything between the genius and Li Qiye suffered a terrible compression force, spatial fabrics included.

“Incredible!” One expert roared.

The sky suddenly turned dark.

It seemed that even the sun was a victim to this grasping technique.

Spectators thought that it would be near impossible to escape from this move intact.

Once becoming the target, being crushed was the most likely outcome.

The move was domineering indeed, worthy of being from the Worldraiser Scripture.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a golden light illuminated the darkened battlefield.

It was a golden fist that could break the nine firmaments.

It wielded a tyrannical and overbearing presence.

“Golden Fist Dao!” A spectator recognized its origin.


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