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Hallowed City appeared magnificent with its lofty and impregnable walls reaching the clouds.

The sacred lights from above enveloped the city.

Because of this, Hallowed seemed to be the safest area in the entire world - capable of stopping all foreign invaders.

Moreover, basking in the light gave people the impression that they were being enlightened by a dao lord while being protected by him.

They found unprecedented peace and comfort in this place regardless of their power.

Even the weakest living beings no longer had fear in this place.

Thats why numerous inhabitants of the continent traveled to Hallowed City, hoping to make a home here.

The charm of the city turned it into one of the largest on the continent.

Its flourishing prosperity couldnt be overstated.

After entering the city, a bustling scene and exciting atmosphere greeted newcomers.

Thousands and thousands of disciples and experts from various sects and races were present.

Some were still unknowns while others were top lords.

One could occasionally see a majestic carriage being escorted by a powerful cavalry.

This looked like the entourage of a mighty king.

Of course, the citizens here didnt find this surprising.

Big shots such as the five overlords and grandmasters have visited before.

Li Qiye got off the carriage and was met by the comforting rays.

This was akin to relaxing in a hot spring after a hard day at work.

One must admit the greatness of Hallowed Dao Lord for creating this massive architecture and sharing it with the rest of the world.

Few in history have done something similar.

“Hallowed.” Lu Qi said sentimentally.

This wasnt her first visit but she was still stirred each time.

“The city lord is doing an excellent job at governing.

The city is becoming increasingly prosperous.

No wonder why it is considered the everlasting impregnable fortress of Sword Continent.” Lu Qi said.

The city enjoyed a historical foundation with plenty of advantages.

However, this didnt diminish the achievements of the current city lord.

Some believed that the lord was unstoppable when not counting the five overlords.

Thus, Hallowed City had enough power to take down any sect in this region.

Even Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom wouldnt dare to be haughty here.

“Everlasting” Li Qiye shook his head: “Dont say that word in a trivial manner.

The only thing everlasting is the cycle of rise and fall.

Even the most powerful lineage will crumble one day.”

Lu Qi couldnt help but nod in agreement.

As for Li Qiye, he was thinking about Holy City again.

It was considered the bulwark of the human race.

Alas, time was merciless and still took it down.

Hallowed City, more or less, resembled Holy City back then.

Being “everlasting” was easier said than done.

It required the effort and blood of countless people.

Li Qiye raised his hand and rays began dancing on his palm.

Lu Qi couldn\'t believe it.

Everyone knew that the rays emanate from the heavenly sword.

No one could grasp or control them but Li Qiye had no problem in doing so.

They looked like spirits happily playing, unable to resist the temptation of his palm.

During this process, a gray-haired old man somewhere else in the city suddenly felt something only for a brief second.

He murmured: “Who is resonating with Hallowed Can it be, a new master”

He attempted to find the source to no avail.

Everything had returned to normal but he knew that it wasnt an illusion.

Someone had indeed communicated with the sword and caused it to harmonize.

Hallowed Dao Lord left the sword here for its fateful owner.

The one capable of gaining its approval could become its next master.

The old man was frightened because only a peerless cultivator could do so. 

He started thinking about the possibilities.

Lu Qi back in the carriage was doing the same.

“Young Noble, do you know that those who can harmonize with the sword can try to pull it out” She asked while looking upward.

Who wouldnt want one of the nine heavenly swords Hallowed, in particular, was a special one as well.

“Not wasting my energy thinking about it, I can take a heavenly sword whenever I want.” He smiled.

Lu Qi was shaken after hearing this nonchalant comment.

This swords new owner had a strong possibility of becoming the next dao lord.

On the other hand, Li Qiye didnt think much of it and she knew that he wasnt being pompous.

Her lord couldnt dare to make this claim.

This made her wonder about Li Qiyes true power.

He lazily got back into the carriage and stopped caring about the sword.

Her sect had many properties in Hallowed City.

Thus, they stayed at a mansion where the land was worth as much as gold.

Possessing such an expensive property was a testament to her sects power.

After preparing their place, Lu Qi acted as a guide and led Li Qiye towards the most bustling street in the city - Purification Street.

It was also the most complicated area with people everywhere - scammers, thieves, hidden big shots…

Rumor has it that Hallowed Dao Lord came from this street.

After becoming a dao lord, he still left this place open to the public.


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