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“How could he be so strong” One young expert said after seeing the scions nonchalant attitude.

Some geniuses initially thought that they would be able to last ten moves or so when fighting against him.

They had this much confidence, at least.

A few believed that five hundred moves shouldnt be a problem.

But now, after seeing him in action, they realized that they have overestimated themselves.

There was no chance of lasting that long in battle.

Hu Bens expression soured as well.

The powerful move might not be enough to defeat him but should still suppress or hinder him to a certain extent.

This wasnt the case at all.

This move was effective against other armies, just not against someone like the scion.

“An official heir…” Everyone realized that he was an heir right now.

Perhaps one day, he would be able to prove his dao and become a dao lord.

“Go!” Hu Ben shouted.

The crowd wasnt ready for the old soldiers outside of the fortress to take action.

They held a strange tube made of bronze and immediately fired.

Rays came out first before people heard the wind-breaking noises due to the speed of the rays.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” They then noticed chains of light coiling around the scion.

The other end drilled deep into the ground.

The arm-thick chains were quite magical, fully trapping the scion while stabilizing by connecting with the earth.

Their thickness made them quite heavy but no one felt this way due to their incredible speed.

This allowed them to coil around him in no time at all.

“Great!” Many spectators applauded after seeing this.

“Seal him!” One youth jumped excitedly to the air.

“This is a once-in-a-thousand-years opportunity! Incredible!” Another cultivator shouted.

Some started thinking that maybe the scion wasnt unbeatable.

There was still a chance for their side.

“Dont celebrate so soon.” One ancestor shook his head in disagreement: “It wont stop him for long.”

The scion still had a calm expression despite being pulled up in the air by the chains of light.

He smiled and said: “It is an honor.

These are chains made from precious Shadowseize Light Steel.

Looks like Vajra put in some capital.” 

The crowd exchanged glances.

Most had no idea what these chains were made of.

As for the high elders and ancestors, they werent surprised to see Vajra helping Hu Ben.

The bronze tubes used by the older soldiers didnt belong to the legion.

The dynasty made an exception for this battle.

After all, Hu Ben, more or less, represented Vajra.

Though his defeat seemed likely, he couldnt lose in an ugly manner.

Thats why the dynasty gave him its support.

“Fire!” Hu Ben didnt care about this and gave the command.

“Creak!” The crossbows on top of the wall aimed straight at the scion and released large arrows.

Their size didnt diminish their speed.

They left behind afterimages along the way before instantly hitting the scion.

The crowd was in awe at their power and speed.

Most importantly, they instantly exploded the moment they struck him.

Deafening blasts destroyed the spatial areas around the scion.

Spatial remnants broke down into colorful pieces, just like blossoming fireworks.

“Boom!” Finally, a black hole manifested and immediately collapsed afterward, sucking everything within.

The spectators did everything they could to run away.

“Incredible crossbows.” Some who saw the power of these weapons for the first time became amazed and frightened due to their destructive capabilities and speed.

Damages came from multiple aspects - the explosions from the arrows, the collapse of space, and the sucking force of the black hole.

One could survive but injuries seemed unavoidable.

“Yes!!!” More people applauded.

“He didnt have a chance to retaliate against the continuous attacks.

Well done.” One genius became excited.

“Hu Ben did well to seize the opportunity.” Another praised Hu Ben.

Many thought that the consecutive attacks were well done.

Hu Ben didnt hesitate in the slightest and had the style of a capable commander.

The actual result didnt matter.

He managed to impress the older cultivators as well.

Others would find it difficult to have a better plan.

“Boom!” The collapsed space was torn apart.

One foot stepped out first then the person - Righteous Scion.

A golden dragon coiled around him along with a golden aura.

The creature breathed in and out, seemingly ready to devour ten thousand worlds.

Scales began to latch onto the scion.

The dragon itself emitted the aura of a dao lord.

Everyone felt as if he was the chosen one and they needed to prostrate right now.

“Heaven Devourer Dragon Guard!” An ancestor shouted.

“An invincible technique from Righteous Sect.” Another master blurted out.

“Yes, created by Heaven Devourer Dao Lord.” Most from the previous generation were amazed and envious.

The dao lord used to be a serpent demon that managed to reach the dao.

For the sect, Righteous Dao Lord left behind the seven chapters while Heaven Devourer Dao Lord left behind this ultimate defensive merit law.

Of course, he left behind other dao lord-level merit laws as well.

Nonetheless, this draconic defense was the most popular.


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