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Everyone thought that there was no reason to refuse an emperors request and earn his grace.

To be able to foster this type of relationship with an emperor was exceedingly rare.

Not to mention someone from Repentance, even members of the four great academies were more than willing to listen to this emperor.

Who knows, maybe he could become a progenitor one day This favor would carry a lot of weight by that point.

“Unfortunately, I cant help you.

He must suffer the consequences of losing.” Li Qiye smiled and leisurely said.

This refusal shocked the crowd, causing them to exchange glances.

“Is there something wrong with him Not even giving an emperor any face He should definitely do so as a member of Repentance.” One student couldnt believe it.

“The brat is too arrogant and that will be his downfall one day.

Doesnt he know that he can benefit from this relationship in the future” A different student shook his head.

Zhou Qiushi and the others started blinking at Li Qiye in an attempt at telling him to say yes.

There wasnt any powerful student at Repentance to help him out later on.

They were thinking about Li Qiyes future but he ignored them.

“The grand dao is arduous and long with endless possibilities.

An enemy can become a friend one day, Fellow Junior, dont be too extreme with your conduct and your path will be easier.” Stonecarver looked at Li Qiye and said.

Though he was trying to make the empress owe him, he was speaking the truth with kind intent.

After all, Wu Ke was a member of Divine Beast.

If Li Qiye were to kill him, others would come seeking revenge down the road.

“That has nothing to do with me.” Li Qiye shrugged and added: “The sword is right there, feel free to try and save him if you want.”

Zhou Qiushi and the others were stunned.

Li Qiye seemed to be provoking the emperor now.

“Who does he think he is, spewing such crap to provoke the emperor” A student from afar complained.

“He doesnt know the immensity of heaven and earth, thinking that hes the best just because he has that sword.

People with an attitude like his will incite needless trouble to themselves later on.” A different student concluded.

“Repentance, the sword of a progenitor representing his will, please forgive me disrespect.” The emperor glanced at Li Qiye then at the sword.

“Boom!” He raised his palm.

Runes started rotating around it just like a supreme grand dao.

His arm looked like a true dragon and seemed to possess the power of one.

He could pull out a mountain range spanning for 100,000 miles now.

He reached for the sword and the crowd became overwhelmed with anticipation.

Alas, he couldnt make contact due to an explosive holy light coming from the sword.

The entire world was drowned out by this brilliance.

It repelled the incoming hand, resulting in a deafening explosion.

Everyone was astonished and needed to take a deep breath.

The sword easily pushed the emperor back without a controller.

“Its a fully sentient sword with a progenitors strongest power.” A student who was an Eternal said.

The emperor became serious as well.

He stared at the sword without trying again: “This is indeed the will of the progenitor.

I have made a reckless mistake.

This karma wont be easy to erase.”

“Gentlemen, see you later.” He nodded towards Du Wenrui and gave Li Qiye a quick glance before leaving.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, please save me! Hurry!” Wu Ke almost fainted from horror at this sight since only Stonecarver could save him.

Unfortunately, Stonecarver True Emperor turned a deaf ear and disappeared into the horizon.

“Noooo!” Wu Ke screamed helplessly after seeing this.

“Thats it Stonecarver True Emperor is very open-minded and forgiving.” A student murmured after seeing this.

“Its not that easy to move a fully sentient sword since it was hellbent on purifying Wu Kes evil thoughts.

The emperor had no reason to oppose the power of a progenitor since he doesnt know Wu Ke anyway, having only met him once.” A powerful student read the situation very well.

“True, forcing a progenitorial power away is difficult.

He might have needed to pay a great price.

Its unwise to do so for a stranger.” Everyone understood after listening.

“But what about Li Qiye purposely taunting him earlier He still smiled and let it go.” Another student brought up.

“Thats why youre you and not a True Emperor.” The older student shook his head: “This matter is no big deal for the emperor.

Many will come and try to test him so why does he care about one student from Repentance If he deals with each one, hell have no time for anything else.

This Li Qiye has only been accepted by the sword and thinks hes the heaven favorite already, thats why he provoked the emperor.

But in the emperors eyes, Li Qiye is nothing but an ant close to the sword, not worthy of mind.”

The group agreed with this logic.

“Right, no reason for an elephant to care about an ant.” One student nodded approvingly, filled with emotions.

“Youre finished.” Meanwhile, Li Qiye smiled at the paled Wu Ke.

“No!” Wu Ke could feel his life dispersing.

“Pop!” His body exploded into bright particles and scattered downward, returning to the earth.

Li Qiye then grabbed the sword, returning it to the sheath on his back.

“Lets go.” Du Wenrui smiled and told his students.

“You should have done the emperor that favor earlier.” One student quietly told Li Qiye: “He knows many big shots and maybe he would introduce you to them in the future.

Its a shame that you didnt show him any face so he might keep this grudge.”

Li Qiye only smiled and didnt respond, knowing that the student had kind intention.

At the same time, the spectators were envious while looking at this departing group.

“It would be amazing if I have that sword.” One student salivated at this thought.

“I dont know why this sword accepted a weak and unknown student from Repentance.” Another wondered: “I heard Holyfrost True Emperor managed to hold it but it didnt accept her.

How strange.”

“No one can predict fate and karma.” The older student said: “Maybe the sword didnt accept Holyfrost True Emperor because she was too strong.

Shes already an eleven, maybe twelve-palace emperor with the chance of becoming a progenitor and can create a similar sword in the future.

At that point, Repentance Sword wouldnt matter as much to her because she can replace it.”

The group nodded in agreement again.


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