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The glowing Li Qiye took control over the myriad realms and became the paragon of all due to his thirteen palaces.

Eternals and other masters were ephemeral in comparison.

“I didnt waste my life living at all, just being able to see thirteen palaces…” A commenter sentimentally sighed while looking at the common sense breaker.

Seeing this was more impressive than seeing someone turning into a progenitor.

After all, one would come out every generation or so, but thirteen palaces had no precedent.

“An Everlasting is not worthy of facing my thirteen palaces but since people asked for a miracle, I cant let them down, right” Li Qiye looked down at the world with a smirk.

The daoist stumbled backward after hearing this.

He placed all hope on his Terra Damnation, relying on it to kill Fiercest.

Who would have thought that the guy would be able to concoct such an impressive miracle

He turned deathly pale because this had never happened before.

Even the most brilliant progenitor only had twelve palaces but now, he was meeting the only person with it.

Worst of all, the guy was his enemy.

Everyone quickly realized why Fiercest was so unfathomable.

This achievement alone was too much to take in.

“Die!” The daoist had no other choice so he crazily roared and unleashed another thrust.

“Clank!” Darkness covered the sun again, wanting to refine everything with a sure-kill strike!

“Scram!” Li Qiyes roar threatened the world.

Its inhabitants shuddered in horror with their soul leaving the body.

They dropped to the ground, completely suppressed by his divinity.

“Boom!” Li Qiye punched the spear directly, resulting in a loud explosion with the spear being sent flying out of the daoists hands.

The daoist was pushed backward, unable to control the churning energy within so blood gushed from his mouth.

“Even a progenitor will need to tuck their tail before me, let alone you.” Li Qiye posed with both hands behind his back.

“So strong, Fiercest is absolutely peerless, not just now but in all of history.” Numerous experts got on their knees to show respect.

“Come!” The daoist shouted and the spear flew back into his grasp.

“Again!” He unleashed another torrential thrust.

“Rumble!” The sky on top of him was as red as blood.

He had channeled all of his vitality onto the spear.

The thrust was accompanied by bloody energy with waves tearing out the sky and destroying the stars in a merciless manner.

Li Qiye didnt bat an eye and retaliated with a punch again.

Everything else seemed like ants before his fist.

“Boom!” The torrents of blood and darkness surging from the spear were instantly destroyed.

The spear was sent away again while the daoist got turned into a bloody mist.

The crowd became speechless.

This world-destroying punch was too much to take.

All of Imperial Lineage suffered massive earthquakes.

“Clank.” Li Qiye grabbed the spear.

It started shaking back and forth, wanting to escape his clutch.

The daoist has indeed refined this spear and made it sentient, smart enough to not allow anyone to use it besides its master.

This was no problem for Li Qiye.

He started suppressing the spear and it stopped moving altogether.

He has taken down stronger weapons before, let alone this spear.

“Invincible in all of history!” The crowd started cheering.

Their chants could be heard all over the world.

The punches earlier have convinced them of his supremacy.

Numerous masters prostrated on the ground while weeping.

Who knows if it was out of gratitude for Li Qiye saving the world or was it just because they got to witness the one-and-only user with thirteen palaces in history

All in all, some were moved enough to have tears streaming down.

“Zzz…” The bloody mist started to gather again.

“Hey, hes still alive!” One expert bellowed.

“What are you worrying about Fiercest is right there, that daoist can do whatever he wants and will still lose.” An older master remained calm.

Fiercests presence seemed to be a calming pill for their mind, taking away all of their anxiety.

It didnt take long before the mist came together and the daoist appeared again.

Everyone took a deep breath.

This Everlasting was quite tough to survive two separate instances of total destruction.

“Killing me isnt that easy.” The daoist put on a tough act despite being scared out of his mind.

“Its actually very easy but I want you to die to the spear, this is a way to appease the lost souls.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Clank!” With that, he threw the spear straight at the daoists chest.

“Rumble!” Explosions shook the world again.

Everyone saw the spear erupting with boundless darkness and shot forward.

However, it paused inches away from the daoists chest and started resisting Li Qiye.

“Hahaha, this is my supreme treasure, it wont betray its master, dont even think about it!” The frightened daoist heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this.

“Nothing is impossible for me.” Li Qiye smirked.

“Boom!” The thirteen palaces poured down waves of light and directly imprinted their seal on the spear.

It erased the existing seal first so that the spear would no longer belong to the daoist.

“What!” The daoist bellowed after feeling his own seal erased from the spear.

“Whoosh!” The spear pierced through his chest in the very next second.


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