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Chapter 1076: The Unstoppable Chen Baojiao

The spectators turned silent after seeing the furious king.

They all knew that he had been training hard at the Imperial Border.

They thought he would be able to challenge Li Qiye, but he couldn’t even defeat Li Qiye’s saber maid.

How could he challenge Li Qiye then

Jikong Wudi and the other geniuses were slightly trembling too.

The more astonishing part was that from start to finish, Chen Baojiao didn’t even use her Immortal Physique.

There had been rumors that the Dual Blade Beauties were both at half completion with their physiques.

Some had even seen it with their own eyes.

However, the Mortal King was already at a disadvantage before Chen Baojiao showed it off.

Once she activated her physique, she would be even more frightening.

“Clank! Clank!” A burst of metallic sounds appeared.

A thick and heavy armor covered the king’s body.

This happened in an instant.

The armor seemed to be made from immortal steel and emitted a golden sheen, making him look even more sacred, especially when he activated his Immortal Physique.

In this moment, he looked like an unbreakable man of iron.

“Good armor.” Even Li Qiye had to praise after seeing it: “Nowadays, not too many people can craft armor specifically for the Hell Suppressing Physique.”

Even Jikong Wudi’s group had solemn expressions after seeing the armor.

They knew their stuff, so after seeing the incredible divine metal, it was clear that even a Godking-level weapon wouldn’t be able to break it.

As for imperial weapons, one blow alone wouldn’t be sufficient.

This type of armor in conjunction with the king’s Immortal Physique could definitely double his combat prowess.

“Eat this!” The furious king lunged into the sky and took his speed to the limit.

He then descended like a blazing meteor.

Although speed was the weak point of the Hell Suppressing Physique, this was only something Li Qiye or other geniuses like Jikong Wudi would say.

For other experts, the Mortal King was still very fast; they couldn’t even catch glimpses of him.

“Rumble!” With his meteoric attack, the entire world shook and rumbled.

If he were to slam onto the ground, it would definitely lead to a disaster.

Many people immediately retreated even further away from the battlefield in shock after seeing this.

The half completion Hell Suppressing Physique had an unfathomable weight.

This weight combined with that celestial momentum would have an inconceivable impact.

In the face of such a ferocious strike, Chen Baojiao made no attempt to dodge.

“Clank!” The tyrannical saber lit up and unleashed an unstoppable slash with an aura that soared to the sky.

It was an incredibly decisive and fierce slash; she was like an unstoppable overlord with the crushing desire to fight until death.

Overlord Fourth Slash — this attack heralded the arrival of a tyrant that had the power to flip over mountains and shatter the world.

This slash had an indescribable might.

Nothing else could claim to be tyrannical in the face of this attack.

“Boom!” The saber glint flashed for countless miles after the sonorous blast resounded.

When it struck the Mortal King’s armor, fiery sparks flew like a volcanic eruption.

It illuminated the area in a majestic manner.

The saber was sharp indeed.

It left a deep cut on the armor.

However, her overbearing blade still couldn’t overcome his Hell Suppressing Physique.

The saber energy began to disintegrate and dim after the direct blow.

“Boom!” Due to the suppression of the physique, Chen Baojiao fell from the sky.

Meanwhile, the physique continued to suppress the tyrannical saber.

Chen Baojiao didn’t evade and fiercely met the offense directly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Chen Baojiao was pushed back through several peaks.

“Thump!” Eventually, her blood energy soared.

With one foot stomping on the ground, she barely stopped the attack from the Immortal Physique while her saber was still stuck in the king’s chest.

“Activate!” After her shout, the area in front of her lit up with the emergence of her inner physique.

At this second, her Tyrannical Spring Physique erupted.

Her blood energy frantically increased.

The power of the grand dao and the worldly energy in the Lesser Imperial Devil World seemed to be pulled in by her as she became the center of a terrifying storm.

An inexhaustible power poured into the storm’s center.

She became a Storm Goddess who could, with this power alone, tear apart this world.

“Clank!” This frightening storm forming behind her allowed her to unleash a mighty force.

The vortex of energy was fueling her.

“Bang!” She reversed the tide from defense to offense.

The spring physique allowed her battle prowess to multiply endlessly.

The tyrannical saber began to force the king back continuously.

It was his turn to smash through several peaks.

“Clank!” The sound of metal cracking came about.

The blade finally cut through the king’s armor.

“Pluff!” The saber energy instantly pierced his body as his blood stained the armor.

The Mortal King staggered several steps back as his blood kept on gushing out like a spring.

The crowd gasped at this scene.

Just a bit more and her saber would have taken the king’s life.

His armor was his one saving grace.

“Zzz—” With a secret technique, the wound on his chest instantly closed, but his face was still pale.

Her saber had wounded him.

Even though his secret technique cured the wound, it expended a huge amount of blood energy.

“You are forcing me to use my killing move!” The Mortal King roared.

This development angered him to the point of insanity.

“Buzz!” Before he finished his cry, he had already summoned two treasures with billowing imperial auras.

One was a pagoda while the other consisted of two flying shuttles.

The two shuttles floated around his shoulder and instantly spewed out an imperial vortex to increase his speed. 1

At the same time, the pagoda above his head poured down a primordial energy.

This energy entered his inner physique and immediately brought about a crackling sound.

Even the earth couldn’t handle his new weight.

“Imperial weapons…” Many people murmured after seeing his two new weapons.

This was not his first time showing off an imperial weapon.

He had used them in the past.

Moreover, it was two at the same time right now! What was even more puzzling was that everyone knew that the Jewel Pillar Sacred School didn’t have imperial weapons.

However, he was using two at this moment.

Where did he get these two from

“Alacrity Shuttle and Primordial Pagoda!” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes while revealing their names.

After summoning these treasures, the Mortal King’s battle intent surged, making him look like a War God riding into battle.

The Alacrity Shuttle was a Life Treasure capable of increasing the Mortal King’s speed dozens of times.

The Primordial Pagoda, on the other hand, could increase his weight several times.

This amplification of both speed and weight resulted in an increased battle prowess up to a hundredfold over.

“Buzz!” In the blink of an eye, the Mortal King started his offense with a speed as fast as lightning and a weight absolutely capable of shattering the void.

This allowed him to instantly warp through space, leaving behind a terrifying black hole.

Chen Baojiao readied herself with a battle cry.

Her speed also reached its limit as she slashed straight down at him.

Heaven Traversing Fifth Slash — the next variation of her saber technique.

In an instant, only this slash existed in this world.

It sealed the firmament as well as the earth.

Myriad laws moldered and the dao prostrated before it.

At the same time, her spring physique funneled the worldly energy from the grand dao.

This torrential power empowered her, allowing the saber energy of this slash to reach the extreme.

The whole world was enveloped by its aura.

“Bang!” Even the spring physique and the powerful saber technique couldn’t stop the attack from the Mortal King.

Chen Baojiao was blown away while spraying out a mouthful of blood.

At this split second, Li Qiye rush forward at an unbelievable speed and caught her.

The Mortal King didn’t stop there.

Right when Li Qiye grabbed Chen Baojiao, he continued his onslaught with an unparalleled speed using his greatest weapon — the Hell Suppressing Physique.

This slam embodied both extreme speed and great destructive power.

Even a God-Monarch would be blown away from this attack with their blood jetting.


Imagine a dart in the form of a sewing shuttle.

They’re a type of hidden weapon like shurikens or flying daggers and don’t have to look like a shuttle completely.

In this particular scenario, I would imagine that they’re weaving out imperial energy, creating a vortex to increase his speed. 


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