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"Its been five days, I bet that guy killed himself! Hahahaha!" Carl said with a laugh.

"Nah. Being the coward he is, he probably didn have the guts!" Wel smirked.

"Time will tell. I bet 10 silver coins that he killed himself!" Carl said confidently

"Alright then! I bet 10 silver coins that he didn !" Wel replied.

They both looked at each other and grinned. The other students in the classroom that heard the conversation looked at them with disgust.

Although, they just watched the duo bully Arlo every day, they weren that evil to bet on peoples lives.

Still, the duo were sons of powerful households, and they didn want to offend any of them.

"I can ignore this anymore!" Alyssa, a beautiful girl looked at them with disdain and shouted.

"Hey, princess! Shut the ** up! Just because Ive been ignoring all this time doesn mean Im scared of you! Im a 3rd step mage as well." Carl retorted as he stood from his seat and unleashed his aura, emitting the mana of a 3rd step mage.

Alyssa did the same and both of them went into a stare down. Their battle aura had also affected the other students and the weaker ones even found it hard to breath during this altercation.

They both had a powerful background, and neither were afraid of each other, they were not going to back down any moment soon.

Suddenly, the door opened and caught their attention. The two stopped radiating their mana.

The air felt much lighter now and the weaker students were gasping for air, finally able to breath easily.

A handsome teenager with a menacing aura stepped in.

The entire class was drawn to him, and everyone could not recognize him if not from his distinct facial features, signature ocean blue eyes and dark hair of the Blade family.

"Hey! Is that Arlo?"

"No. It can be him, he looks too different!"

"Nah, shut up Carl, thats him for sure! Look at his uniform, its still stained with blood from last time." Wel said as he smiled at Arlo. "Hah! I won the bet!"

"Hey, Arlo! Where have you been! I lost a bet because of you, are you going to help me pay up or what?" Carl said as he walked towards Arlo and placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Don **ing touch me, human!" Zeke shouted in annoyance, sweeping off Carls hand and walking past him.

The entire class was silent. They gaped at Arlo who would always cower in fear.

He used to be so timid, not even daring to look Carl in the eyes. But now, he wasn afraid of him at all. He just looked annoyed.

"The **!?"

Carl was left dumbfounded and turned back to look at Zeke.

"Shit.. this guy has turned retarded. Looks like Ill have to knock some sense into him. [Wind Slash!]"

Carl chanted a spell and winds powerful enough to tear human flesh was aimed at Zeke.

"Stop! Arlo, dodge!" Allyssa shouted as she tried her best to move Zeke out of the way but she was too far away.

"Pft! Pathetic!" Zeke smirked and waved his hand, not even looking at the incoming spell behind him.

When the slashes of wind hit his hand, it was immediately dispersed and not even a scratch can be seen on the back of Zekes hand.

The entire room was surprised as silence filled the room once again. They had expected blood to start splashing on the floor but there was no trace of the attack.

"What the **? How did this weak coward do that? What did he do?" Carl said to himself, though, he felt slightly relieved that the attack did not work.

If it the Arlo in the past, the attack would have sliced his body in pieces.

He didn intend on killing Arlo, not in front of this many eyes at least, he was simply shocked and offended by what Arlo did and could not control himself.

Although he had a powerful background, committing murder in the academy would still result in expulsion.

"Looks like I got to teach manners to this weak bastard!" Zeke shouted and walked towards Carl, glaring at his eyes.

"[Shadow Domain!]" Zeke called out and soon, him and Carl were enveloped by complete darkness and isolated in an empty space that seemed to stretch to infinity.

The others outside the Shadow Domain could only see a sphere of darkness with no sign of Zeke and Carl.

"Arlo! What the ** are you doing?" Carl glared at Zeke.

"Tch! This human dare looks at me with those eyes?" Zeke said inwardly, feeling surprised. It was the first time a human ever stared at him with disgust.

After all, he was no longer the powerful demon king, he was now just a human, one with lousy talent and a poor reputation.

"I don know whats happening right now, but I better kill this retard right now, better to be safe than sorry. After all, no ones here except the two of us. I could just say that I didn know what happened, which is not really a lie" Carl thought and smiled.

"[Fire Ball!]" Carl yelled and threw fireball after fireball at Zeke.

"Looks like Ill play with this human for a while" Zeke thought.

Zeke simply flicked his hand, and the fireballs were extinguished. He didn need dodge such weak spells.

"Weak! You are this weak and yet so full of yourself? Tch!" Zeke laughed.

"[Fire Ball!] [Fire Ball!] [Fire Ball!]"

Seeing his attacks not working, Carl didn waste any time and continued casting whatever powerful spells he had which kept getting dispersed by Zeke.

"Fuck this! Die!" Carl screamed as he gathered as much mana, he could from his mana pool and casted his strongest spell. He was going all out at this point, his mana was depleting fast, and it would take some time to refill his mana pool.


"Tch! Boring.. And here I thought you were going to do something amazing with all that useless shouting."

At the incoming fireball that was much larger and more powerful than the earlier fireballs, Zeke simply caught it with his bare hand and dispersed the spell instantly.

"You.. who are you? How are you so strong?" Carls voice was edged with fear as a chill ran down his spine.

After using this many spells, his mana was already depleted. Forcing himself to quickly restore mana might damage his mana pool or worst, end his life.

"Pft! Hahahaha! You were so confident in your abilities, what happened, human?" Zeke smirked.

Carl looked at Zeke, the person Infront of him showed little similarity to the boy he always bullied.

"Alright.. play time is over, boy.." Zeke said as he unleashed his killing intent.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The sheer pressure from Zekes killing intent had paralyzed Carl.

After all, Zeke had taken millions of lives and the murderous aura he had was powerful.

"I.. can breath.." Carl said with a weak voice.

As each second passed, the killing intent emitted from Zeke just kept increasing.

Carls heart hammered in his chest as his knees dropped to the ground. He was left frozen in place as he stared at the person Infront of him. Beads of perspiration started forming on his forehead and soon, his back was drenched.

The fear he felt just kept increasing and increasing.

Soon, he started having hallucinations.

"Stop! P-please! I-Im sorry. Don kill me. Please! Someone, help me!"

It was at the five second mark when Carl wet his pants and started screaming in terror.

"Tch! Thats disgusting!" Zeke roared in disgust and sealed his killing intent as he moved away from the large pool of yellow.

Carl had already fainted due to the intense fear he felt.

Zeke removed the [Shadow Domain] and soon, the isolated space was slowly intruded by beams of light and disappeared.

"What happened?" A boy asked.

All the outsiders saw was a sphere of darkness which was now gone, and, after that minute or so, Carl was lying over a puddle unconscious.

"Arlo, are you okay? What happened?" Alyssa asked as she rushed towards Zeke.

"Bitch, ** off! You

e being too noisy!" Zeke complained as he walked to his seat, not giving a glance at the beauty by his side.

"Too late bitch, the Arlo you once knew is gone. You want to help only when hes dead? Hahahah!" Zeke laughed inwardly.

From his memories, Alyssa and he were childhood friends. However, as they got older, their friendship soon disappeared as her parents warned her to stop talking to Arlo because he was just too weak and not worth her time.

Although she would ignore the bullying, she often stood up for Arlo when things were getting too violent, Arlo was a close friend in the past and she didn want him to get hurt.

"I-.." Alyssa tried to say something but stopped, the Arlo she once knew was gone. The person in front of her felt like a stranger.

She walked back to her seat, feeling ashamed of herself for ignoring Arlo. She thought that Arlo hated her now, not knowing that the Arlo she knew was already.. dead.

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