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Mr. Parker eyes were focused on Henry, he scans his entire body, skinny, not too many muscles, that explains some parts.

"Teaching begins tomorrow"

"Hey, don be late, we only have a short amount of time" Mr. Charles jumps in.

Everybody was exhausted, they were all waiting for their accommodation.

"you be staying there" Mr. Parker points a building outside the arena.

"Terry there, will arrange everybody in their room" Mr. Parker points the man standing at the exit.

Everybody moves to his direction.

"Wow!, it finally over" Mr. Charles stretch his back. Mr. Parker looks at Charles, he was the former head teacher, from nowhere this brown user took his spot.

"see you tomorrow" Charles waves parker.

He frowns, walking away.

"I can wait" Charles heads another direction.

"Mr. Charles, Mr. Charles" Henry runs after him.

"Hey, kid" Charles cheeks bounce up.

Henry stops in his front. He looks down, he was exhausted, maybe he was too excited.

"Kid" Charles wakes him from his happy imaginations.

"Right!!" Henry stands straight.

"Sir, I want to learn how to control my feeding" Henry gaze up.

"Hmmm" Charles rubs his jaw.

"If I tell you, you will be ahead of the others" Charles turns away.

"Sir!!" Henry blocks his front.

"Dinner on me"

"bribery" Charles gaze up.

"Please, teach me" Henry bows his head.

"M-hmmm, okay".

"Really" Henry grins, finally, feeding problem solved.


"water" Henry repeats.

"Yes, water, only consume water, still you pass out then you can eat, continue this process" Charles taps Henry shoulders.

"Is that it"

"yep, that all" Charles walks away.

Henry gaze down, he was expecting something big, like a secret technique or even talking with his beast. I can believe it, just water. I heard him right, Henry touch his ear.

"Huh" Henry finally aware of his surrounding, he dashed to the exit of the building. Henry stops at the exit, he looks at the building again, I am here now, I must do everything to stay.

Henry rushed to the next building.


The next building was filled with rooms, it was a two-story building. Henry looks at each room, there were names written close to the door. His name was not in any of the room downstairs.

He climbs the stairs going up. Henry eyes moving fast.

"Nah, No!" Henry head explodes, my name is not here. They forgot me. Am I going to sleep outside today. Henry slowly walks downstairs, I shouldn have followed Mr. Charles. His stomach rumbles.

"great" he touches his stomach.

"Go to sleep" Henry heard. He follows the voice.

"Mr. Terry!!" Henry shouted.

"Oh" he covers his mouth as he has attracted everybody around.

"Sleep, no playing around" Terry continues his stroll.

"I don have a room" Henry dash to his front.

"My name is not written on any" Henry trying to cut the questions he may ask.

Terry examine Henry, was he among the winners, he raises Henry jaws up.

"Mr Terry" Henry mutters.

He touches Henry shoulder. His mouth was shifted forward as he examines Henry body.

His last stop was Henry hands. it him, that gorilla. His eyes widen.

"Ahem" Terry clears his throat.

"Follow me" he turns.

"Yes" Henry display his fist like he has a medal

Terry writes Henry name on one of the rooms.

"Thank you" Henry bows.

"suit yourself" Terry walks away.

Henry stares at the door, he was wondering who is roommate is. he forgot the names was written close to the door.

Henry opens the door.


he blinks entering, his vision was clear, they were nobody here.

"I get a room all to myself" Henry cheeks lifts.

He jumps on the big bed. "This is good" he rolls around. He felts his back touch something. Henry turns to look.

"holy **!!" Henry jumps up. It was a girls underwear.

his heart was pounding, Henry with widen eyes. He glances at every corner of the room. Girls clothes. His body vibrates.

I am living with a girl. Henry hears footsteps outside the room.

He looks at the door with drumming heart.

Charlotte opens the door. Finally, I am back. She gazed front.

"Huh" shes staring at Henry who was shaking.

"Are you here" they both asked. "Nah" Charlotte faints.

"Huh" Henry blinks.

"Hey" his heart jumped seeing No responds from her. Did she die. He covers his heart.

Henry approach Charlotte. He wanted to touch her. He stops halfway. No, no, no. he looks around. There was nothing for him to use.

Henry stretch one of his fingers poking Charlotte on her forehead. She fainted. Henry stands straight.

he steps to the door. I can leave on the floor, I can carry her neither.

"Ooh, what is this" Henry covers his forehead.

"Gosh!!" he steps out the room.

Lucky for Henry, he finds Mr. Terry, he explains the situation to him. Terry stares as if he was hearing another language.

Henry pause waiting for reply. "You! Want!! To sleep!! Outside!!" Terry voice wakes everybody.

"No sir" Henry stiff together.

"Get!! Inside!!!" he barks. Henry steps inside like a soaked bird.

"You should be happy there are accommodation" Terry folds his arms.

last year didn have any place to stay.

Henry stands at the door, inside was tag danger to him.

"Okay" Henry inhale deeply. He opens the door. Charlotte was still on the floor.

"oh, what do I do" he touched his forehead.

Henry pokes her on the head again.

"Wake up, wake" Henry pokes her twice.

Charlotte jumps up, she trembles to the door.

Henry blinks. Breath Henry, you got this.

"we are roommate, I am Henry" he extends his hands for a handshake.

Charlotte falls on the floor again.

"Oh, no" he slapped his forehead.


Charlotte wakes up, she rolls on the beds. What a dream, she displays her teeth. She stretch her hands. Last night hit her head.

her eyes bugs out, the shock hits her, her body started vibrating, she slowly looks around. Nobody. She calms down a little. She spots Henry bed on the other corner.

"wait" Charlotte stops thinking. How did I get here.

"Nah, no!!!!" she screams.

All her things was at her corner, she remembers celebrating she was alone, she even joins the two beds together. Why am staying with him. What do I do, geez, this is crazy.

"ooh" she touched her heart. I am really dying.

Charlotte enters the classroom, everybody was seated. There was no free seat. She spots a little space where she can fit in. she slowly steps to it, it was easy because everybody gave way for her. Charlotte smiles as her eyes didn fail her, she seats down calming herself. She decided to look her surrounding. Her heart skipped, she froze immediately, looking left, Henry was seating next to her.

"Henry brownie" he extends his hands. he was thinking she wanted to settle things with him.


"that the name, we didn get to introduce ourselves" Henry hands still on the air.

Charlotte shaking hands reached to his. "I.....am…"

"I know your name" Henry wanted to let go. Her face was red. She gaze down immediately.

"Are you sick" Henry stares at her.

"That thing yesterday—"

"Take your seat" Mr. Parker walks inside. He looks at the three row seats.

Everybody seats upright.

"My name is Parker, I am your history teacher" he stands in the middle of the class.

"Okay" parker gaze back.

"Everybody knows the history anyway"


"If you don know the history of this great kingdom" he paused.

"You are Dead" he looks at everybody face.

"I am only going to explain what chaos gate are, most of us haven seen it"

everybody was focus, even Henry, he wanted to hear it too, Charlotte folds her hands together trying to control herself.

"The three supreme gods came together to battle the demons and the supreme devils, after years of battle, the gods finally find a means to end the war" parker talks like he was reading the story from a book, every year, he always repeats this, he never gets bored of it rather he is excited.

"This means was chaos gate, the devil were thrown into the hell and the demons in chaos" parker demonstrated.

"Chaos separate the hell from earth, the gods went further, they seal the hell with three golden passes, when combine they form a triangle"

"The long battle drained the gods life force, so chaos wasn sealed properly, and the gods grant us, beast powers" Mr. Parker stops, I guess, I ended up saying everything.

"Chaos opening is followed with massive red color circling with demons jumping out, there are two types of chaos, I pray there is no third"

Everybody giggles.

"The first one, we all know it, Chaos Day, every five years, chaos opens at a particular spots, the high-level detector finds the mass energy circling, thereby getting the exact spot, thanks to the nobles and the military, they make sure the demon doesn escape before the gate closes"

"The second one, we call it, instant Gate, this opens at random places and demons Rush out then it closes"

"that is all for chaos" Mr. Parker Cheeks widened.

"Any questions" he glanced around.

"Okay, you" he points the girl raising her hand.

"How long does chaos day last"

"well, I not that current with the time but the last one was 6 hours" Mr. Parker touch his forehead.

"speak" he points.

"We have been fighting the demons in chaos for years now"

"yeah" parker looks at the plump boy.

"Why are there still demons, they are supposed to be dead now"

"Good questions, in chaos day, demons keeping rushing out still the time reaches, of course the nobles deals with every demon, they believe, we don know if it true, we believe that the demons are ranked, the strongest ones are not out yet"

The room became quiet, murmuring.

"You mean they are stronger demons"

"Ahem" Mr. Parker gets the room quiet.

"That why you all are here, fight for your kingdom" he raised one hand up.

Mr. Parker was surprised, he raised his hands. What is he up to. He nods, telling him to go on.

Arthur relaxed on his chair.

"The multiple instant Gate" he muttered.

Everybody eyes bug out, fear struck their legs.

Everybody has heard of it, his name is Doom day.

"You mean dooms day" Mr. Parker step forward.


"multiple instant Gate known has dooms day is a disaster, thank goodness it has only happened twice, we still don have a clue why many instant Gates open in a particular area, the first time it happened that is 25 years now, following the recent one, the space period between them is ten years"

"ten years!!" the room gets noisy.

"If it happens again, the military will tag it has a third chaos gate, the strange thing is that it only happens in local areas, villages, I pray you don experience such" Mr. Parker steps back.

"How is it dealt with" Arthur asks.

"Only the military are capable, the raider team are useless when it comes to dooms day"

Mr. Parker continues.

"End of class, get ready for your combat classes tomorrow" he steps out of the room.


Henry gaze front, his ears has been closed to Mr. Parker mouth. This brings back memories, everything that happened that day. His hands were shaking. I must get stronger, Henry tighten his hands stopping it from shaking.

slowly everybody was leaving. He gazed right, Charlotte has left, she must have left after Mr. Parker.

Henry stands up, some group was waiting for him upfront.

Henry steps to their middle, they hold his shirt.

"Don give yourself hopes, James wasn fighting with full strength, he couldve kick your a*s" the plump boy looks at Henry eyes.

"Get your hands, off me" Henry hair covers his eyes.

"what did you say"

somebody taps the plump guy on the shoulders pointing to his direction.

"Let get out of here" they run away. Henry looks back. It was Arthur. He shoved his hands in his pocket, he walks pass Henry, their eyes meets each other. He gazed away, stepping to the door.

Henry feels the strange aura that followed, he definitely out of his level. This is difference between A rank beast and a E rank, but Know I am not weak.


Henry knocks at the door, he did it five times before entering. Charlotte was facing the wall. She was wished she had a place to run or hide. In the end, escaping eye contact was the only hope.

"Is there something there" Henry asked.

what is wrongs with her, Henry thought.

"Are you sick" Henry asked, coming closer to her.

"No, ooo" Charlotte freaks out falling to the ground.

"Let me help you" Henry offer a hand.

Charlotte cheeks redden, she looks away. She slowly raised her hands.

"Okay" Henry lift her up. She stands really close to him panting.

"are you okay" they were still holding hands.

"I am okay!!!" Charlotte push Henry out of the way. She runs outside.

Henry blinks, could it be, she can touch other beast holders. Is there anything like that. Henry touch his forehead.

Henry changes his clothes quickly. He was going to explain to her, how they should operate. It seems she is sick. He will have to distance himself, then discuss.

Henry drinks water, still his stomach was full. This is it. I must learn how to control my feeding, so I can save money. The combat training is tomorrow. Henry tighten his hands. I will give it everything I got. Uncle Joe, I won be coming back.

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