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Henry struggles moving his feet, his weight was heavier due to his thoughts traveling fast. No, its not true. Henry looks back. I can go home, what will they say. I got a rank E, this is the lowest rank a beast holder couldve despite that, there was nobody carrying a rank E, henry was the first.

Henry suddenly felt sick, I still couldn believe what just happened, there has to be a mistake, he finally decide to stay for awhile.

He brings out the two coins that was remaining with him.

This won be enough. I guess my hunger will consume me first.

Henry steps to the restaurant nearby.

He gazed down, walking to foods bar.

"Haven you heard"

"what is it"

he whispered, but Henry could hear it clearly.

"Hehehe" they laugh, hitting the table.

"You can be serious"


"he-he" they laughed again.

Henry drops one coin on the desk.

"What do you want young man" the lady looks at his scattered brown hair.


"Oh, we don have meat"

"what do you have" Henry looks at her.

she scan Henry, brown eyes, triangle shaped face, its him.


"Nah, I don eat fish" Henry step away.

"I could give you a discount" she stops him.

Henry still wanted to push forward. His stomach rumbles, alerting everybody around.

"I will take it" he faced her.

"Seat there" she pointed.

Henry sat down, the seat was isolated from the rest and it gave some privacy. Henry nods, putting his shaking hands on the table.

She placed the hot bowl with a spicy catfish on it.

Henry stares at the bowl. She placed another close to it.

"Your coin will last for 2 days, you are not leaving today" she waited for his response.

"I will be around" Henry nods appreciating.

She walks to the bar. I knew it, every year, some people stick around refusing to go home. Fear of mockery, she looks at Henry again.

This kid is different, he feels disappointed, others will be jumping around or throw a party.

she faced her work, I shouldn be bothered.


Henry stares at the bowl, the last time he ate fish, he got sick, that was four weeks ago. He still remembers his experience. Beast holder are advise to consume meat, rumors says, the strongest beast holder consume only meat.

Henry thinks back to his trip here, this is the only restaurant in this Vanity.

Henry stomach rumbles reminding him of his hunger, he saw the sale woman looked at him, it must be loud. He folds his arms.

"This is for regular customer" the woman was standing next to him.

She opens the spicy, shaking it on the bowl.

"thank you" Henry bows.

"go on"

Henry cuts a little part, he slowly open his mouth putting it in.

his head rings like an alarm Bell.

His stomach was raising asking for more.

Henry cuts a big part this time.

"Yum" his cheeks went up.

"Haha" she grins, walking away.

Henry couldn explain what happened to him, all he wanted was to empty the bowls. This might be his hunger rate.

He has never pushed his body to this extent.

Henry was done, less than two minutes.

For some reason, he felt satisfied. Henry walks to the woman.

"Thank you" he bows.

"You are done" she blinks.

"I will be staying for four days" Henry drops another coin.

"I hope to get more discounts" he bows.

"Hahaha" she covers her mouth.

"Okay" she collect the coin.

Henry walks away.

Stepping out of the restaurant brought back his misfortune.

This is real, I am really out. His eyes face the hall.


Henry hides on the last building before the village hall.

Finally the indicator brought somebody out. Henry checks the clock. One day, 6 hours.

He bites his down lips hard. I couldn even get a day. He bites harder.

Henry wakes up hearing sounds.

he gazed to the hall. Five people were brought out, his eyes went to the clock.

One day, 12 hours. Henry stands up from the floor. He has squats until he fell asleep.

I have no business here, I already got out, standing here won change anything.

I should go home. Henry steps to the restaurant.

The aroma wakes his stomach.

"Hey, you are here again" she displays her teeth.

Henry nods, he came here for a different reason, but his mouth betrayed him asking for a meal.

"Ma" Henry stops her.

"Give me everything for the days" he added.

She looks at him, this is one strange.

She served the rest, making it eight bowls.

Henry swallow his saliva. At least, I am going to test my endurance. He pounds on the bowls.

Henry was done in less than thirty minutes.

His stomach was filled up, he has never felt this way before. The head village has some magic to it

"Thank you" Henry bows, leaving.

"You can come back" she shouted.

Henry nods, leaving.

he went back to his spots, some people were out already.


Eight days later.

Henry was waiting, he could hear whispers that there was only one person remaining, and it was a girl.

what a joke. Henry tighten his hands.

He could see the spokesman, his face was bright, you could tell, he has been jumping around.

The crowds were all waiting for whoever is in there.

Henry kept his eyes on the door too.

"She is out!!!" their sharp voice could wake a dead man.

Henry tries to get a view, big heads were covering his sight. He finally gave up when more big head was coming.

"its telekinesis!!"

"Village record, village record!!!!" it covers the vanity.


A party was thrown when she gets up, it was night already.

Jubilation covers the village hall, the place was even crowded now, normal individual has joined the party.

Henry stares at the decorated lights on, while everybody was dancing having a great time.

He was hurt, feeling cheated. I am supposed to be there, I am supposed to have the highest records, why, why am stuck.

Henry turns back leaving, his journey here was over.

she was coming out from the restaurant.

"Is that you" she stops trying to get the picture.

"Mrs Emma" Henry voice gave him away.

"You look pale" she walks to him.

Henry gaze down, he wanted to hide his tears from Mrs. Emma.

"are you hungry" she was standing close to him.

Henry hugs her. He holds her shirt tight.

"its okay" his plaintive voice made her cry too. Even though she doesn know him that much, she could says one thing, he is a good kid.

"Its okay, that enough" she holds his shoulder with both hands.

"This world doesn offer everything we desire, something needs to be fought for" she touches his hair.

"Come here".


Mrs. Emma turns on the light. Henry was seating in the middle.

" You owe me five days" she places the bowl on the table.

"Twelve plates now" she looks at Henry.

"I promise to pay" he raised one hand up.

"You will" she sat opposite to him.

"Go on" she drops the spicy.

Henry finish the meals like he hadn tasted anything today.

"I thought you won come back again" she muttered.

"I won lie, I miss you, thanks goddess, you showed up a day after" she collected the plate.

"Your last meal" she said walking to the bar.

"Thank you" Henry stands up.


"Thank you!!!" Henry bows,

"that enough already" Mrs. Emma looks away.

"I promise to pay back" Henry raised his head.

"I will be heading home now, thanks once more" he turns away.

"Jeez" she covers her forehead.

"Safe journey" she waves.

Henry heads home, in the end, I only lasted a day.


Henry reaches Rosdorf village, uncle Joe house was ten blocks away. He increased his pace, he wanted to avoid attracting crowds or meeting anybody. His luck never seems to shine as he pass some teenage boys like him, they mustve attended the endurance test too.

"Loser" one of them clarified it. They knew about him.

"Scuzzy" the girl Among them added.

Henry refuse to react, I have a goal, I don have time for these morons.

"Leave him Anita, their family his cursed" the tallest among them notice Henry pace as reduced.

"His uncle was holding the record, now his nephew, I wonder what record his parents had, he-he" he holds himself.

"Bastard!!!!" Henry fist was close to his eyes.

"That enough" Joe holds Henry hands.

"Go away" he barks.

"let get out of here, cursed people"

Joe slapped Henry,

"I warned you not to use abusive words again" he barks. His fist was shaking, he hides it.

"They started it" Henry touch his face.

"You listened, ignore them" Joe squats.

"I am sorry" he wanted to touch Henry hair.

he heads home leaving his hands on the air. He gazed down. He looks at his hands, it was red.

"Henry" he muttered.


"Henry" Joe calls as he entered the house.

Henry was seating in the front room, his arms folds together, he was waiting for him.

"I am sorry about that" joe approach him.

"it my fault" Henry gaze down.

"Its never your fault, okay, just don let your anger get the best of you" Joe seats opposite Henry.

"I know about your test, some teenage spread the news some days ago"

Henry looks at him,

"I wanted to come hom—"

"its okay, I got frustrated too"

Henry nods, he releases his arms making a low prayer sign.

"its not the end of the world, you are alive, that is all that matter, you can still get a good life and have kids" Joe stares at Henry.

"Farming" Henry looks at him.

He paused finding others things to say.

"it is not a bad thing"

"it is" Henry stands up. Joe holds his hands.

"What are you going to do" Joe looks at Henry. He looks away.

"I want to join the military"

"Stop dreaming Henry, your beast is weak, you are a E rank, the earlier you face it, the better for you" Joe barks.

Henry force his hands out.

"I am not weak" Henry steps to his room.

"Henry, Henry" Joe follows him.

Henry slammed the door locked.

"Henry, I am sorry" Joe knocks.

Henry squats close to his bed crying, ma, pa, I am sorry, am sorry. He covers his face with his palms, I can do anything, I am weak, I won be able to change the system.


Two days later. Joe was worn out already. Henry has been quiet since that day. He has gone to his door several times, he even begs him, Henry didn alter a word.

Today was the d day.

I shouldn have said that, Joe bites his fingers, his legs kept vibrating. What do I do. He looks at Henry door.

He seats on a stool facing it.

"Skrreeek" Henry door opened. Joe jumps to his feet.


Joe could tell, he was ready to depart. he wore his uniform, E rank crest on the blue shirt.

This is goodbye or maybe his moment to apologize him.

Henry walks to his uncle. He hugs him.

"I got crazy, it won happen again" Joe rubs his back.

"You were right" Henry release him.

He takes a step backwards.

"we haven been a good family, I want to fix that" joe said

"I am sorry, I cause you worries"

"it doesn matter"

Henry stares into his uncle eyes.

"I am weak, my beast is weak, that is the only way for me" Henry raised his head up.

"I won quit" he stands straight.

"I maintain my position, Trust me, I won give up, I will get stronger, I will protect the weak, the village, I won let you down" Henry staccato.

Joe looks at Henry, he covers his eyes with his palm.

"uncle" Henry step closer.

"Come here" Joe hugs Henry.

"This path is full of mockery, bully, keep calm, don listen to them, Henry don come back without achieving anything" Joe holds him tight.

"Yes… Sir" Henry shouted.

He released Henry.

"Get stronger, for my sake" Joe taps his shoulder.

Henry eyes widen, his cheeks bounce up.

"I will" he sprints out.

Joe comes outside. Henry bolt away.

"Henry!!!, take care, take care!!!" Joe runs after him. He stops feeling exhausted.

"he-he, that weakling" he heard.

The boy gaze up. His eyes widen. Joe was standing in front of him.

"Say that again and I squeeze in my hands" he displayed his fist.

"I….am….just…. kidding" he turns running away. Joe smiles, approaching his home.


Everybody was gathered. The spokesman was spotted at the higher ground.

He looks around.

"Ahem, ahem!!!" everyone shut their mouth. They have been waiting, it finally here, the congratulations words from the head village Chief.

"I don see some D ranks faces today" he glance.

"I see a E rank" he points Henry. He was at the front.

"hehehehe, what a waste"

"I see suicide" he added.


"Charlotte Dustseeker, please come to the high ground" the chief bows.

The clapping sound covers the surrounding.

"She is stunning" the boys went viral.

Henry looks at the silver hair girl with diamonds shape face, medium height, she is fair with straight hair that reaches her shoulder.

"Thank you" she voiced out.

"She holds the village record, rank B, power telekinesis" the chief shouted.

Charlotte hands were shaking, she hides them, faking a smile.

"Killer smiles" some boys falls to the ground.

Henry kept staring, he knew he has heard the name before, where I have seen her before.

Charlotte eyes jammed with Henry, she froze up. Why is he looking at him, I can stand it his gaze, her heart was drumming.

"Charlotte, Charlotte" he touched her.

"Golly" Charlotte trembles.

"Your speech"

"let fight together" Charlotte bows, dashing out.

The boys eyes widen.

"She is outstanding!!!!" they touch their heart.

"Henry brownie"

Henry eyes widen.

he steps out

"Henry brownie has the weakest beast in the world"


"that won wail him down, he is here, ready to attend the town academy"


"this is the courage this young generation lacks"

"Henry, what motivates you"

Henry looks at the laughing crowds, some were rolling on the floor.

"Shhh" the chief calms the crowd.

"I want to protect everyone"

"haha haha" they burst out, even the Chief.

"Huh?" he looks Henry in the eye.

"I will protect everyone" Henry looks at him.


"Henry says he is going to protect you" the chief was audible.

Laughter covers the area.

Henry gaze down, his tighten fist was shaking, just you wait, wait for me, I will become the strongest, no matter what.

"He is not a weakling!!!!!!!" Charlotte shouted.

The crowds mute. Henry looks at her.

"Oops, I said that loud"

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