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Henry was dead on the floor, when the time completed it was like a black-out, his body stops responding, he falls on the ground, what is this, my body won move.

"Your color change during the battle"


"The intensity gave your body a limit, I am afraid Henry, you won be able to move until an hour" harry said.

"An hour!!, I need to stand up, if I don move now, I will lose!" Henry scream in his mind.

There is noway, you cannot move, you have lost Henry harry said.

No, I can lose, I can afford to lose Henry jammed his teeth together, he was roaring in his mind trying to move a finger, it wasn working, his body was ten times heavier than the normal weight.

Tears drops from corner of his eyes, I can move, I am going to lose, I am almost there, one step away.

"Arthur Andilet wins"

Henry heart seized, he raised his shaking head towards Arthur direction. Arthur managed to raise one hand. It falls after he was announced the winner.

Henry eyes open wide, his teeth were jamming each other which cause vibrations in his head.

"No, no" Henry vision was covers with liquid. His head drops, he finally gave up.


That was the end of the selection match, the officials from the head academy witnessed all the match, it was left for them to congratulate the winners and make preparation for them.

An emergency was held in the head teacher office.

Mr. Charles and Mr. Parker were seated, opposite were the three officials from the head academy.

"Twelve" Mr. Parker repeated.

"HA needs twelve holders this year"

Mr. Charles rub his jaws. "Twelve" he muttered.

"Frank and Jonathan, those two performed well" Mr. Charles cheeks went up.

Parker looks at him, "what are you saying, we can add frank, but Jonathan did nothing"

"Who should we add" Charles looks at him.

"Henry!" Mr. Parker hit the table slightly.

"Yes, Henry" Mr. Charles touch his forehead.

The three officials were staring at the teachers.

"Sorry for the delays, Henry and Frank should complete the space" Mr. Parker said.

"Henry isn that the E rank" one of the officials said.

"Yes" Charles jumps in.

"He did great" Mr Parker looks at the officials worried face, they were confused.

"The last match, that kid with brown hair" Mr. Parker tries to clear the air.

"If his color was brown before the fight, he couldve won, its so surprising that his rank is low" Charles covers his face with his palm.

"No" the leader of the officials said.

"What do you mean, no" Mr Parker face squeezed.

"Why no" Charles reveal only his eyes.

"He brought an A rank to the ground, he was the best fighter in the whole matches, I need an explanation" Mr. Parker hits the table with both hands making the officials to stand up.

"Parker, calm down, there has to be a reason" Charles taps his shoulder.

He inhales deeply.

"I thought you were teachers, you are supposed to know the basics" the leader said.

"He is a low rank, an E rank, his color change to brown that why he could go toe to toe with the A rank boy" he said.

Parker tightens his fist on the air.

"jeez" he turns back.

"Have you seen an E rank before, that guy didn last a day in the entrance test, can you see, he is at his 100%" the leader looks at Mr. Parker.

"I even forgot" Charles touch his forehead.

"He probably at his 100%" Charles said.

"Yes, that why we can take him, we will go for the C rank, Jonathan" the leader said coming out.

Mr. Charles rubbed his ears,

"wait, lets talk about this, we don know for sure" he holds the leader hands.

"There is nothing to talk about Charles" he came out of the room.

Charles and parker follow them out, they stop, spotting Henry at the door.

"Henry" Charles said.

Henry stares at the official, "keep the academy to yourself, being a low rank is nothing to be ashamed of" Henry covers his shaking heart, his eyes were wet.

"We are not picking anyway, you are a disgrace to the holders community"

the leader smirked.

Henry turns back, running away.

"Run boy, the head academy is not a place for a whammy" he shouted.

"Don talk to my students like that" Mr. Charles grab his shirt.

"What are you going to do, head teacher"

Charles push him away, he runs after Henry.

"Henry, Henry" he kept calling.


Henry approach the exit of the academy, his eyes were down finding the hope to look forward.

he turns back looking at the academy building again. He was going to meet Mr. Charles when he heard the officials.

He is an E rank

Henry fold his lips together, refusing to blink his eyes. He inhales deeply facing the exit. He outrun Mr. Charles, he couldn stand the presence of anyone.

Henry came open, he looks at the sky.

Am really going home" he bites his down lips.

"Henry" Charlotte called from behind.

Henry pretend he didn hear her, he kept staring at the clouds.

" its not over, you could—"

"what" Henry face her, his eyes were red.

"I could do what" he looks at Charlotte. She steps backwards until her back hits the walls.

"Please Charlotte, just go, I don want anybody sympathy" Henry place the small bag he was holding on his shoulders,

"I am going home" Henry looks away.

He doesn want to talk about it, he was burning inside, he wanted to release his anger or frustration on something, those officials would be the right people not Charlotte, she is trying to play good, and he doesn need that now.

Henry takes his first step. Charlotte holds his hands facing down.

"You could join the town guards, you can still join the military squads" Charlotte was quick with her words.

Henry looks at her.

"I don understand the little words stops his raging heart.

"The top town guards has a tournament, the best guards are allowed to join the military squads" Charlotte said.

"it doesn matter, no town guard will accept me" Henry said.

" its does, who needs a town guard, we can form a guard, Mr. Charles will be the captain" Charlotte said like she has cracked down the world mystery.

"We can create a guard"

"yes" Charlotte cheeks bounce up.

"Wait, what about you" Henry step backwards.

"Don worry, I know we can make it" Charlotte looks at Henry face.


" Don say anything, it my decision" Charlotte stands straight.

Henry lips move, he wanted to say something, but the words didn fall out.

"Thank you" he finally said.

Charlotte cheeks were red, as long I am with him.

"thank you" Henry said again because Charlotte didn respond.

"I heard, but we have a problem" her cheeks went down.

"We need one more person" Charlotte said.

"Gosh" Henry gazed down.

"I am in" the deep voice came from behind.

They turn to looks. Arthur was standing tall behind them.

"I will be the captain, do that, then I am in" he said walking away.

"Hey wait, you can be the captain, the captain has to have experience" Charlotte stops him.

"I want to be the captain!!" he shouted.

"Well you can " Charlotte said.

He walks to them.

" shouldn we just agree and beg Mr. Charles" Henry said.

"Don worry" Charlotte whisper.

"What did you say" Arthur face Charlotte, Henry was behind her.

"You can be the captain!!"

"then, let have a match" Arthur said.

"Yes!" Charlotte looks him in the eyes.

"I mean him" Arthur points Henry.

"Me!" Henry legs shake.

"Yes, you and me, right now, the loser obeys the winner" Arthur Said.

Charlotte smiles.

Why is she smiling Henry looks at her, Arthur aura covers the surrounding.

"You will get five matches if you join the team" Charlotte said.

Henry jaw slacked. Charlotte his widen eyes gaze to her.

Arthur hesitated, he tightens his fist, looking at Henry. if I can defeat him, then I am not ready

"deal!!" Arthur said, walking away.

"Phew!" Charlotte touch her heart.

"Charl" Henry touch her.

"Esp" Charlotte jumps away, giving Henry some space.

"Don you think my life is on the line" Henry face was pale.

"I am sick" Henry touch his heart.

"Henry, Henry"


They approach Mr. Charles office. "About Arthur" Henry glance at Charlotte, she was behind him.

"Everybody has their reasons for joining the head academy, Yours is the commonest, others might be family, wealth and so on" Charlotte voice was different, the silence in the surrounding might be the trick, only their quiet voice was sounding.

"What about you"

"I am on the wealth side" Charlotte cheeks bounce up. I am on your side


"I believe we can make it to the military selection" Charlotte stops Henry.

"We are here" they stopped at Mr. Charles door.

"I will be back" Charlotte step away.

Henry opens the door.

Mr. Charles was seating on the desk. His eyes spot Henry. He stood up, stepping to him.

"Are you okay" he asked. Henry nods.

"Trash" Charles muttered.

"Trash system, the nobles are to be blamed, leaving the weak to suffer" he said.

"Mr. Charles—"

"don worry, all hope is not lost" he taps Henry shoulders.

"There is something better—"

"the town guards" Henry stops his speech.

"The town guards" Charles repeated.

"Yes!" Henry holds his hands.

"Can you be our captain" Henry said. Charles stares at Henry eyes. Henry hands were shaking, this was going to be impossible, he kept telling Charlotte, but she refused, Mr Charles is the only choice. What about his job, if he becomes a captain, he will lose his job. Why didn I think about this. Henry looks at Charles.

"I am in" Charles said.

"What!, what about your job"

"I was going to quit anyway"


"don worry about me, we need two more people to form a town guard" he indicated with his fingers.

Henrys cheeks went up.

"Thank you" he bows.

"Don thank me yet, finding two more people will be difficult and I sure most of the losers have gone home" Charles touch his forehead.

"I already have a team" Henry scratch back his hair, his cheeks covers his eyes.

"Hahaha, really" Mr. Charles hides his hands.

"Charlotte Dustseeker and Arthur Andilet" Henry said. Charlotte and Arthur step in.

"I am in, Mr. Charles" Charlotte said.

"I am doing this because I want a match, I am not under you" Arthur eyebrows were down.

The room was quiet waiting for the captain response.

"Since a team has been set, how about I explain the towns guards duty to you" Mr. Charles tone change, he looks up smiling.

"Oh, no" Charlotte cover her face.


They stroll to the town hall, Charles was at the front, his shoulder covers his team.

"listen, Ahem" he clear his throat.

"You guys know, the town guards are not allowed to leave their town" his golden eyes pinned on Henry.

"Yes, but the best are allowed to partake in the town guards tournament" Charlotte said.

"Only" Charles raise one finger up.

"Only, the number one guard" Charles face them.

Henry heart jumped.

"We will become the number one guard" Charlotte said.

"Hahaha, you do know the town people are the ones who vote" Mr. Charles looks at Charlotte.

"Our results will make us the number one" Charlotte looks at shaking Henry.

"This is impossible, even if we get the number one guard ticket, you have to be the winner of the tournament to get a shot at the military selection" Charles looks at Charlotte. He finally slides Charlotte confident.

Henry confident has already died, he was behind everybody.

"I told you, I should be the captain" Arthur said, spotting Charles shaking hands. He walks pass them, taking the lead.

"As long as I get my match" Arthur said.

"What match" they walk pass him.

"What did Henry do" he covers his eyes.


Charles glance at everybody, they weren barking down.

"No offense, Henry" he looks at Charlotte and Arthur.

"Why are you choosing the hardest part to the military" he lets out his frustration. They didn respond.

"Jeez" Mr. Charles face the hall. What is running in kids head.

They entered the building, many people were running around, it was busy as a market, Charles spots the registration center.

"I want to create a guard" he said.

The woman at the front desk looks at him, she glances at the people standing Before him. Her eyes stopped on Arthur.

"Ahem" she clears her voice, looking at Charles again.

"I wish to create a town guard" Charles said again, obviously the woman didn hear.

"Fill and sign" she hands him a sheet of a paper.

Charles signed some parts, the remaining empty spots were for each member. It was remaining Arthur and Charlotte signature.

"You do know only the top three guards are paid" she looks at Arthur.

"And you will get a chance in the military selection" she continues when Arthur hesitate.

"I could enlist you in one of the top guards" she said.

Henry taps Mr. Charles, he wanted him to say something.

Charles was staring at Arthur.

"don worry" Arthur wanted to sign it.

"The guards voting is today" she hastily said.

Arthur eyes widen, he turns back looking at Mr. Charles.

"You are not signing" Charles asked.

Charlotte collects the feather from Arthur. She signed hers.

"I could enlist you in the blue knights" she said.

Arthur gazed down, his fist tightened, I am not strong enough, if I struggle against him, then I can never win them. I am strong yet.

"Mr Charles" Henry taps his shoulder.

"Arthur" Charles finally said.

"I will sign" Arthur signed the paper.

The woman face squeezed.

Arthur face them.

What is the need of joining the military, if I am not strong enough. He looks at Henry, when I defeat him without sweating, then I can join the military.

Charles did it the finishing work.

"Good luck" the woman said.

They came out the building.

"What was that about" Henry said.

"Arthur will be the first A rank in the town guards" Charles looks at Henry.

"That is not the only problem" he faced his team.

"We are going to miss the guards tournament, which" Mr. Charles raise two fingers.

"Which is head, every two years" Charles inhale deeply.

"What!!, two years" Henry eyes bugs out.

"The head town academy is a two year program, that why the guards tournament is same" Charles stares at Henry eyes.

Henry looks at Charlotte

her faces was down. I am pulling them back, this is my misfortune, I am taking others along.

"Getting the military selection ticket, train for two years then partake in the military selection, that how it works" Charles demonstrated.

"This is a drawn back, I don anybody to suffer for my sake" Henry tighten his hands.

"This is my issue, I don want to mess! others! up"

"We are here by choices, you didn force us" Charlotte said.

"Mr. Charles, I am out" Henry said, walking away.

"This is your only way to the military" Charlotte blocks Henry. Henry stops looking down.

"We are here for different reasons" Charlotte said.

"Didn you hear, we are not getting paid, you won get any money" he faced Arthur.

"I will give your matches" he said.

"what are thinking" Charlotte taps Henry shoulders.

"Arthur is an A rank, you think he is here because of some stupid match with an E rank" Charlotte hands were shaking in his shoulder.

Henry pause staring at her, he has never seen her this way, she wasn looking though, her eyes are always been down.

"You are not losing anything, but your voice is louder" Charlotte looks at Henry.

The place was silent, Charles has been watching the drama, this kids are something else. He folds his arms.

"I am sorry" Henry stares into her eyes.

"Oh" Charlotte looks away giving some distance.

Henry steps forward. He turns, bowing 90 degrees.

"Thank you, for everything, someday, I will repay your kindness" he shouted.

Charlotte smiles, Arthur face was poker, he wasn aware of the scene before him. His eyes were on the crowds circling.

"Voting is starting" somebody walks pass them.

Charles team finally notice the crowds.

"The blue knight, they are here"

They gaze to the direction.

A broad man with blue uniform, his breed was plaited, he was bald, his uniform display his rank. Rank B, six men followed him, they four C ranks and two D ranks.

They walk pass Charles team, the aura following them was a fresh breeze that could make your cheek bounce up.

"look, it the Forgebreakers" somebody pointed.

The blue knight stops looking at their rivals, they were all C ranks.

Charles team finds themselves watching the guards entrance.


The crowds were hailing their favorite guards name. Charles team were among the crowds, the town guards were standing at the entrance of the Town Hall

The town Chief was standing in middle of the gathering.

"Let the voting begin" he shouted.

The crowds went viral, the guards raise their hands waving.

"Gate, Gate!!!!" somebody shouted.

The noise died immediately,

"A Gate has appeared" he screamed.

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