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Chapter |4|

Christian Lonsdale.

Her mouth dropped open when she saw me and for the first time in my life, I was hoping that she didn know who I was. I followed her colorful eyes as they skimmed my face.

I found it humorous when she straightened up and tried to be professional even though she was clearly losing her **.

Her face was red - probably from embarrassment - and her hands kept clamping on her apron, a very clear sign that she was anxious.

As she was welcoming me, I heard the wavering in her voice. She sounded like she was about to cry and her lips were wobbling.

Does she recognize who I am? Is that why she wants to cry?

"Are you okay?" I found myself asking her.

I don know if I hate this or not because normally, I wouldn care less.

She started rambling, completely nervous, and I didn find it annoying.

"H - have you been here for long? I - I mean, Im sorry for the wait Angel. Whats your order? J - just order a - anything, Ill pay with my money." She stuttered.

Pay with her money?


My brows furrowed as I processed what she just called me.

"Angel?" I asked just to make sure I heard right.

"Huh?" She grunted distractedly as she stuffed something into her pockets and looked up at me. "Whats your order?"

I was relieved. I don know how to show it, but I am weirdly relieved that she doesn even know who I am.

Christian Payne Lonsdale is my name and Angels would prefer death over me, I know it, God knows it.

But strangely it made me feel rinsed that she didn know a cruel person like me existed. The corners of my lips lifted to a slight smirk.

I might be losing my mind.

She flashed me a smile that had me stand up straight as she asked for my order again. I was invested in staring into her eyes before the question clicked into my head again.

"A lemon cake." I blurted out the reason why I was here in the first place.

She confirmed it and then asked me how many layers I wanted. After I told her, she went in and brought out the cake. She set it on the counter as she took out a piping bag filled with something pinkish.

"What would you want to be written on it, Angel?"

Angel, that name again. She asked me the question as she looked at my chest instead of my face.

"Why do you call me that?" I asked, genuinely curious as to why she was calling me that.

"C - call you what?" Her small voice asked barely above a whisper as if she wasn expecting a question.

"Angel." I said.

"Oh, I just thought that you were. Aren you? God didn send you?"

Fuck me I thought. A chuckle escaped my throat at her words.

How can she be so naïve and clueless?

I love the way her cheeks reacted when I complimented her eyes. I love the way she responds to my questions immediately as he styled the cake. I love the way she was confused by my name, nobody calls me Payne, I didn want to be reminded of how my name reflected my life, they call me Christian Dale but my full name is Christian Payne Lonsdale. Yet somehow, she didn make it sound bad. I loved it.

"Cardboard or Plastic." She mumbled referring to the packaging.

I chose the cardboard, contemplating whether Theo was worth the cardboard though.

I watched her as she packaged the cake for me. Her brunette hair was up in a bun and she seemed to be moving at a smooth and delicate speed. That itself was satisfying to watch, apart from the way she bit her lip whenever she was lost in what she was doing or when her tongue sticks out if she was stuck in one particular thing for too long.

She kept telling me the instructions on how to save the cake from dying when Im driving home but as strange as it was. I kept humming in agreement with whatever she said instead of actually hearing it.

"Staring is rude though." She mumbled under her breath when she was done packing it up.

I tilted my head to the side as I looked at her and processed what she said. She was right, staring is rude. I often try to remind the people stalking me that too. But they won listen, and thats what gets them killed. Shes right, I should stop staring, I shouldn even start thinking of getting attached. There are a lot of people I am involved with and this woman right here is innocent.

"Is it?" I asked and she nodded in response.

Staring at her means that I had started to pick up interest in her whatsoever and that could cost her life. I know Im **ed up, but Id be **ed in a different way if she died because of me.

"Then Im sorry." I said deciding that that was where whatever I thought of her ended.

Her eyes widened at my response and she started to say something but I had already started walking out of the shop.

I am a man who has been dwelling in a very rough business for way too long. I can tell when something is off from a mile away.

Immediately when I step foot outside the shop, a motorbike stared and zoomed off, a camera hung around the drivers neck.

"Fuck." I cursed under my breath as I watched the bike disappear down the street. I glanced back at Baybi through the transparent glass doors and saw that she was talking to someone else, I sighed and got to my car, and drove home.

I was behind the gates within minutes. After I had parked my car, I rested my head on the headrest of my seat for a minute before I straighten up again and took out a regular beanie from the compartment box, and slipped it on before grabbing the cake and exiting the car.

I walked calmly and collected inside my building, the maids refuse to collect the cake from me because they know when I wear that **ing beanie, everyones life was swinging on the string of a corpses hair.

Its a special beanie Ive worn for the past 34 years whenever I felt the urge or want to kill Theo. It was an obsession that started from the day he was born.

I went to the kitchen first and picked up a clean knife, I used it to swipe Veras name off the cake and then discarded it on a plate before heading for the east wing downstairs, with the knife. She has nothing to do with this.

You could hear their noise before you even reached the lounge at the wing. And I **ing hate noise, especially when Im in a bad mood.

I pushed the door open with my foot causing all the hollering to die instantly.

Lousy bitches.

The whole room was quiet and two people were missing. The only two people that could stop a murder right now.

I thank whoever for that.

I proceeded with the task I came for, each step enunciating how much authority was dripping from my existence.

I stopped in front of the pig and took a good look at him for the millionth time. I don even know what Vera sees in him.

He stares at me with a smug look on his face.

I stared back at him with a calm, eerie gaze.

"Watcha got there brother?" His sick voice came, his tongue poking his inner cheeks as he looked up at the beanie on my head and back at my face.

I looked at the cake in my hand and smirked and then I lifted the knife in my other hand making his face falter for a moment. I dropped the cake on the coffee table next to him and slowly, I cut out a small piece and held it to his mouth.

The bastard dared to smile before taking a bite out of the piece. His face immediately fell as he chewed on it once and he spat out the cake.

"What the hell Chr-"

I slapped him across the face, hard, just how he liked it. Reluctantly he opened his mouth and I pushed the whole thing into his mouth. I watch as his face starts swelling, his reaction to lemon was so fast it was almost funny.

The smirk on my face widened. My problems were fading in the face of his suffering.

I watched as he wheezed for air, his face puffy and red. He began to claw at his throat, desperately gasping for air.

Just when I thought I was going to enjoy filming the last part of his death, the door flung open and the remaining people in the room let out a breath of relief.

"I swear to God Christian, you are unbelievable!" Vera groaned rushing over to her boyfriend. She took out an injection from her pocket and emptied it into his neck making him black out instantly.

I rolled my eyes and took off the beanie tossing it to one of the guys in the room.

"You always ruin the moment." I scoffed walking out.

I hear her chuckle before asking one of the guys to help her pick him up.

I take out my phone and call Alexander.

He picked up at the second ring.

"Wassup Chris."

"Alexander." I drawl opening the doors to my gym.

"Its Xander, Chris." He deadpanned.

"Okay, Alexander."


e worse than Gregory," He huffed and I can picture him rolling his eyes.

"Its Greg, Alexander." I said with a lazy smile on my lips. Greg is also my friend, the serious one.

"Like you care, whyd you call? Again?" He snapped again.

"I want two extra bodyguards."

"Whoa! Dude you have sixty in at your house." He exclaimed.


e not for me," I deadpanned rolling my eyes.

"For who then?"

Theres only much I can do when Ive already put her in trouble in the meantime. But something tells me, this is a race.

This thing that I am starting.

"For a girl. Baybi."

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