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A loud, banging sound was coming from Aces container, making the two Granians call for backup immediately as they aimed at the container with their large guns. The banging sound eventually came down but neither of the aliens was buying it.

"Do…do you think hes calm now?"

"I don know. Maybe it was a short blast of…."


Cracks developed on the tempered glass as the roars from earlier filled the entire room they were in. "Hows he able to roar in that liquid? Its very thick and should block all sounds!"

The banging noises ceased and the two Granians thought that Ace must have gotten tired or passed out. "Could he have...."

The glass cylinder broke and out came the black liquid. The Granians faces had fear written all over them as they witnessed a horrendous beast standing in front of them.

[System Activated.]

[Language Translation Complete.]

[Fight Mode initiated.]

The once slim, tall, orange-haired boy now stood seven feet tall with a completely changed physical appearance. His entire body was now a wall of muscle, resembling a male model. His once-white skin was covered in a blood-red substance. His claws were sharper than a double-edged sword. His mouth was filled with razor-sharp teeth. His eyes were wider, clear, and slanted, making his face frown.

Aces eyes glared at the Granians as he snarled at them. " LET HER GO, NOW!!" He roared. The Granians opened heavy fire immediately. Ace raised his arm and the red substance turned into a large shield that covered his entire body. He slowly walked forward as the blasts from the aliens guns absorbed into his shield.

"Back up. WE NEED BACKUP!!"

Luckily for the Granians, more forces showed up in great numbers. Together they all shot at Ace while a few of them took the remaining cylinders to different rooms. " WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HER? LET HER GO!!" Aces blood arm grew longer as he swatted the closest Granians.

He tried running through them in order to get to his sister but the Granians pushed him back and even attempted to hit him. Ace tried fighting back, but something strange took over his body immediately.


[Fight Mode Deactivated: Energy used up.]

[Flight Mode commenced.]

Ace quickly ran to the back of the room and ripped a large hole through the metallic casing of the spaceship. Without hesitating, he jumped out from the ship and curled himself in a ball shape. "Whats happening? My sister. How am I supposed to get back to her."

[Greetings]. An automated, female voice echoed in his head.

[Your DNA has been proven compatible with the System Program.]

[Description: You are the first of the one thousand test subjects to live through the testing phase. You are now in the System Running Program. Your body and I, your system will test out what you can and can achieve.]

[Name: Ace Underwood

Level: 1


HP: 40/50

Energy: 60/80





SPECIES: Blood Mutant.

Class: Pawn

Skills: None

"What exactly are you talking about? System, WHATS ALL OF THIS?"

[Prepare for Impact in 3...2...1...]



Aces body crashed into the ground, causing a large crater. The boys body was facing excruciating pain, since falling from such a great distance would kill a human being. Yet again, he wasn human anymore. His entire skeletal system was broken into tiny pieces, some of them were damaged beyond repair while others stuck out of his flesh. Blood spilled from his open wounds and if one was to suddenly come across him, theyd instantly mark him as a dead person.


[Body Damage Critical]

[ Commencing Emergency Healing.]



Like magic, his bones started to heal slowly as his wounds closed. The intense pain started to cool down and as for the spilled blood, it slowly crawled its way onto his skin and dissolved through his pores.


[ Your energy and health levels are low. Replenish your energy by consuming blood.]

"Blood? No way. Im not drinking blood. Thats...." Just as he was about to argue with his system, two roaring sounds echoed from the sky. Ace looked up and saw two black pods falling from the spaceship he just escaped from.

"Oh crap. Not them again." The boy ran into the small forest ahead of him and quickly hid behind some shrubs. The young man peeped through the shrubs after hearing the sounds of the pods crashing, not too far from where he was. Out from them came two different Granians, each dressed in heavy armor, and equipped with heavy alien guns.

The two creatures started speaking in their foreign language, making it hard for Ace to understand.

[Translation in Progress.]

Wow. This system can translate different languages? Im not surprised, since this is highly advanced technology.

" Come in, sector three. This is Zod."

"This is Rod."

"Extraction mission commenced. Communication will be given in three earth hours. Zod, out."

Like military personnel, the two walked into the forest with their guns ready to fire as soon as they heard or saw anything. They entered the forest and took out two, metallic orbs, and threw them out. The orbs floated close to the Granians as they slowly advanced into the forest.

Crap. They

e getting closer. I gotta get out of here. He said as he tried to plan an escape route.


Aces stomach growls echoed through the forest and the Granians immediately pointed at the shrubs he was hiding in.

[Route Calculated.]

Ace grabbed a stone and threw it at the other side of the forest, immediately averting the attention of the aliens from him. He then quickly climbed up a tree so that hed be able to see where the aliens were.


[ Your energy levels are low. Replenish them by consuming blood. Doesn matter what kind, as long as its not toxic.]

Why does this system want me to drink blood?

[Blood Mutant Description]

[The Blood Mutants were a malevolent, bloodshedding species of humanoid beings. Their love for war, thirst for blood, and hostility towards other species made them feared throughout the universe. In order to survive, Blood Mutants must consume blood once in a while, hence the name Blood Mutants.]

"What? I have to drink blood to survive?" Ace complained for a long while but after taking a moment or realization, he accepted and reread the systems description of the blood mutants. " How am I going to get blood now? I can just walk up to a blood bank and ask." He said as he came down from the tree.

Just then, a little fox snuck up on him and growled fiercely at him. Noticing this, Ace thought of consuming a little bit of its blood, instead of humans. Okay...How am I going to do this. He wondered as the effects of his low energy started to kick in.

[Skill provided.]

[Blood Drain: This skill enables the user to drain the blood of their chosen target. However, they can only drain a certain amount depending on their energy level.]

[Blood Drain skill activated....]

Ace slowly held his palm out to the fox and watched as his horrendous skill went into action. The once growling fox started wincing in pain as red dots slowly left its body. The dots increased in size as more blood left the creatures circulatory system.

Ace felt like throwing up as he saw the foxs body turn into a raisin but the smell of its fresh, warm blood made his mouth water as soon as it hit his nose. It smelled of a sweet, minty aroma, and at the same time, a nice, beefy scent. The foxs body dropped dead as the blood floated to Aces fingertips.

Amazing. He said as he tried to lick the blood but as soon as his fingers were at the base of his mouth, the blood dissolved into his body through his pores.

Energy: 30/80


[ You still need more blood to fully recover.]

Not now system. Ive got bigger issues to worry about.

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